Terms of Use

Please read my terms of use before using.

The Important Facts

This account will now house my resources and tutorials.

*NOTE: The folder marked “Art for Others” on my deviantart contains the archives of past requests.
These are for the intended individuals only and are NOT either resources or tutorials. Please do not use them.

IMPORTANT: Only artwork and writing marked as a resource may be used as such.

Journal Skins
o Journal skins are free to use.
o You need to have a core membership to install and use them.
o You do not need to ask my permission to use my journal skins.

The Resources

This is a place where I house my resources and, in the future, also my tutorials. As such, please do be sure to read the rules for each piece and make sure to follow them. Those will be described in the description of each resource, on a per case basis depending on what their intended for, their purpose, and what was used to make them.

The General Rules
o You must credit me when using my resources.
o Credit me as CoffeePink and link to this blog, Coffee-pink.com
o Tell or Show me what you use it for.

Other Facts
o Commercial use allowed.
o Edits and resizing is allowed.
o License: Creative Commons Attribution

o Feel free to message me on here.
o You can email me any questions or general comments to: thecoffeequills@gmail.com
o may also find me on my related account on deviantart: @TheRaspberryQuill  & @CoffeeQuills