My Games


The sub-pages to this one contain descriptions of the games I have created to date, sorted between current, scrapped, and finished. Most of these will be available for free and are either short/episodic, or long as well as complete. There’s very little middle ground for these aside from with my demos or test prototypes of such projects. Please do keep in mind most of my works are not intended for commercial use allowance unless otherwise stated, and I reserve all the rights to these games as finished projects as well.


To those who wish to review my project, please link to this site when writing your review or in the description of your video, if recording your game play. An image banner has been provided below for use for linking, if you wish. Otherwise, a regular text link will work just fine. Please, and thank you.

coffee-pink-icon-banner – To download, right click and save image as. It is a .png for transparency.

Works In Progress

  • A World Revealed [Hiatus]
  • The Shining Light [Active]

Completed Works

  • To Think [Retired]

Scrapped Works

  • Letters to No One
  • Cynical Hearts